i'm emily i'm seventeen and from new york idk

honestly though huge shout out to my two best friends for putting up with me faaaaar more then is ever required of a best friend and for making sure i always have a place to stay where i feel comfortable thats like really fucking cool and above and beyond of them

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GIF of a storm out west that I drove through for about 4 hours that I madeinstagram / twitter / website / flickr

Landscape+Vintage blog

Have Mercy- Let’s Talk About Your Hair (x)

Is it normal to be on the verge of a panic attack at the thought of going home probably not

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- by Jeannine Tan on Flickr.


do you ever have those moments where even if you’re not romantically involved with someone, you see someone else start talking to them and you just kinda wanna hiss and throws things at them because fuck you that’s my person get your own 

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For all those people saying they want to live in the 50’s. Well here you go

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